Will Watching The Movie FaceBook Help Your Business

I use Google Buzz, Twitter, FaceBook, and some other social sites like WomVegas. They each serve a good purpose. I also started using Cinch for broadcasts, but have not done many. I am also signed up to use Blog Talk Radio, and am going to use that at work more. However that one about Blog Talk Radio is for another time and post.

Twitter is for fast postings and once in a while I add a link for some Amazon product or another business opportunity. Of course most of you know that already if you have been alive for a few years.

FaceBook is great for more interactions with people around the world. I find it is difficult to have a really serious conversation there though. Maybe because most of my FaceBook “friends” are either from online businesses or from my day job, or from my online games….did I just let it out that I still play online games?

How many people get involved in FaceBook games? Even Chris Lang has been seen using some of the FaceBook games (sorry to let that one out Chris). I pretty much avoid those though.

Now back to the topic at hand. Can watching the movie FaceBook help your business? What do you think? I wanted this topic to be more of a discussion than anything else. I have not watched the movie, but it is creating lots of discussions over at Google Buzz.

It seems that several of the successful people who make money on the internet are great at coding and diving behind what you see when you use the computer or any website. Applications are where it is at. If I had to go back to school, or maybe one day when I have extra time, I might even consider doing that.

Would you rather go watch a movie like FaceBook or read a book about successful people? I have heard so many different reviews about the movie. I wonder if it would somehow change my life if I saw it.

I hear there is drug use in the movie and a whole lot of profanity. Those are things I choose to avoid. How much of that is necessary to the story line? Do you have to use profanity and drugs to be successful in these times? Could they have left that out of the movie?

I am noticing more and more that profanity in the “mainstream” is becoming more and more acceptable. Is that true? Am I going off on a tangent here?

Well, back to the topic…I read that some people who saw the movie FaceBook really felt it gave them some insight into the struggles that Mark Zuckerberg had to face (book). They have a greater appreciation for him.

Now I think, it is Hollywood, and movies can tell the truth that they make up to get people to pay to buy the product. It is HOLLYWOOD. It is a STORY. I have heard that is it BASED on Mark Zuckerberg, but not exactly the way it was. I makes me think of all the movies about wars and the impact they made depending on the times when they were released.

What do you think? I welcome your comments.

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4 thoughts on “Will Watching The Movie FaceBook Help Your Business

  1. I have wanted to see the movie but certainly don’t expect it to improve my business. No movie can do that; it just takes discipline and work.

    As for the sex and profanity, many movies could be just as well done without them but the movie makers are afraid, I think, that they will lose too much of their audience if that part is left out. G rated movies are less well attended especially if it is an adult topic.
    Judy´s last [type] ..WordPress Bootcamp

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great comment. I agree with what you say. Having a successful business is something you have to work at every day. Once you make that commitment it is always on your mind.

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